• He didn't. Noah is a make-believe creature in a silly story within a fictional Cult Book. -JfYA
  • Anything can happen in myths and legends. In this case, presumably, God provided the animals. What else are gods for if not things like that? The other ancient flood myths are equally improbable.
  • God brought seven of each clean animal and two of all others to Noah.
  • He didn't have to. The Bible says he acquired all the animals "in the land" meaning the land of Israel, not the entire world. Kangaroos and Zebras weren't on the arc. It also says the animals came to Noah, not the other way around. I'm not a big believer in the Bible either. Its full of mistakes but you have to be fair. When you say "The Bible says" you should be sure the Bible actually says the thing you say it says.
    • Douglas Wade
      The historical events of the worldwide flood happened in Genesis 6. We don't red about the land of Israel until the book ofJoshua.
    • Hulk70166
      "We don't red about the land of Israel until the book ofJoshua" WRONG!!! You are spreading false information. The history of the formation of Israel starts with Genesis and finishes with Deuteronomy.

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