• Maybe they don't like who they really are. And they don't be. They try to portray an image of someone they're not. Others might just want to avoid confrontation so they don't put their innermost feelings online because they are afraid someone won't like what they posted. Some people don't want to offend their friends. And some people don't really know who they are yet, so they try on personas to see what fits.
  • Think on it a minute, how we have a private self and a public self. That means that we are not always true to ourselves to start with. Some even have a another deep private self too, so they are not true to themselves often.
  • "I am what I am, and that's what I am, I'm Popeye the Sailor, man!" - Jack Mercer, pretending to be Popeye.
  • People who aren't true to themselves cannot only boost their perceived social value, but it's increasingly easy to do.

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