• You can steam it. It tastes like nothing at all, though, so you will want to use a fair amount of seasoning. I like to fry mine in a pan, but that's not as healthy. Then I'll mix mine up with a grain and some vegetables, depending on what mood I'm in.
    • Linda Joy
      I read a recipe I searched for tofu sandwich and she said it was like egg whites. But she put a generous portion of avocado on it so I guess that would sort of imitate the yolk. I remember a long time ago a recipe where it was used for a mayo substitute. Wow, I only now realized the mayo is loaded with egg! I'm not giving up my mayo!! Haha. I saw some recipes for marinating the tofu to add flavor, and I don't have a problem with it, we marinated all the chicken at KFC. Doing it at home would give me control over the sodium content. Dang, I forgot to check that in the tofu or the habanero sauce I bought. This is going to take some getting used to!
    • Linda Joy
      I could marinate it, coat it with crushed corn flakes and fry it in my air fryer. Good suggestion, thanks! I still wasn't able to find ground cardamom or ground nutmeg, but the shelves at Walmart were a little bare. We actually got snow and ice down here this week and the trucks had trouble delivering because we don't maintain snow removal gear since we seldom get it. One of the trade offs for having temperate weather most of the time.

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