• It makes no difference. It is not as bad as it seems to be according to media.
    • Linda Joy
      They always exaggerate the projected outcome so it will be taken seriously. But I disagree that it doesn't matter if it was done on purpose. I think it should be investigated and the responsible parties punished. If there are no consequences there is no deterrent to someone else doing it again!
  • In China, the bat bit the Swine and then it transferred it to a human or China unleashed this Virus to get rid of their population and it leaked all over many Countries including the USA
  • Probably something more like they tried to control it the typical way things are controlled in China (by denying its existence and jailing anyone who spoke too loudly about it), and when that didn't work and they saw that the virus was going to wreak havoc on the economies of their political enemies, they sat there and insincerely said "Oh no, that's too bad. Oh well."
  • Yes I believe it was released intentionally to instill fear to control people and take away the rights we have. So what happened to the terrible Ebola that was to sweep the nation? It just fizzled as well as swine flu ect. Other words they kept trying until now.

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