• "Are we there yet?" "She's touching my leg, tell her to stop touching my leg." She's still touching my leg." "I'm hungry, when are we eating?" "Now she's pulling my hair!" "I need to go pee!" "Right, stop pulling her hair, and stop kicking the back of my seat." Right, I'm not telling you again, stop pushing your feet into the back of my seat."
  • As Creamcrackerd pointed out they talk a lot, but proper preparation and reasonable expectations can avoid most of the frustration. First of all you need to allow more time to stop and stretch. You need to take some games to entertain them, and have active games planned for the rest stops so the kids can run and get in some exercise. Oh I forgot these days you have movies to keep them entertained. Still a coloring book or chapter book if they're old enough to read might be nice as well. I used to take a cloth in a plastic bag, but wipes will do. Don't forget the duct tape for their mouths. If you're going to threaten to tape their mouths if they say that again, you have to be prepared to follow through. lol

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