• We have one stocking up that's about it
  • Yep, I do. But it's just a little sock that me and my siblings have with our initials just for decoration. It's never really filled with anything. We get a little candy bag though. And yes, a lot of people still have stockings hanging above their little chimneys! 😄
    • Linda Joy
      Above the fireplace? On the mantle? The chimney is the part that sticks out the roof.
    • SaltyOutOfTheBLUE
      I know where the chimney is. But we don't have one. So it's hung above a big window near our door and next to our Christmas tree.
  • I used to have one of those, however, it was destroyed when the house burned down in the big fire of 1961.
  • hah nope santa leaves my gifts under the tree.and we hand them out to each other after breakfast
  • Mine says "Fruit of the Loom" on the toe but doesn't hang anywhere. It gets folded and tucked in my sock drawer. It gets filled when I put my foot into it.

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