• A lot of the same stuff he did in the Bible. He also created birds out of clay that came to life and could guess any food item people had in their homes or in their stomachs. Most notably, though, the Jesus of the Quran did not die on the cross for everyone's sins (4:157).
  • He is a prophet and the messiah. In the Quran there is no Incarnation, no Ministry and no Passion. His divinity is strenuously denied either by him or by God directly. Equally denied is his crucifixion
  • Basically in the Quran Jesus gets insulted more than praised
  • The Quran was written hundred of years after Jesus ascended to heaven, The quran is the work of a mere man
    • OrangeDonRump
      The Bible was written LONG after the Hindu religion had already been underway for Centuries. Clearly, it was the invention/handiwork of mankind and had nothing to do with a god.
  • Jesus used SOME of the lessons in the Quran. Jesus DID NOT only use the bible, or old testament. Anyone trying to tell you that he used the bible is lying to you. Jesus even used some Islam and Buddhist teachings too. IN the Quran, he is only a prophet and it is said he is taught to be a great prophet.
      [[ Jesus used SOME of the lessons in the Quran. ]] . . Jesus walked the Earth about 600 years before Qur'an was authored. It's like saying that Jesus quoted from Harry Potter.

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