• I've seen pictures of prison, so that's a "NO"
  • That's not a fact. In fact the opposite. The more of a deterrent it becomes as no one wants to spend their last days in a dingy cell. Younger you're less likely to know better.
  • yes. & another important factor is if you own property and/or you draw an average SS check you cannot qualify for medicade & medicare DOES NOT pay for nursing home care. Medicare will only pay for nursing home care after you are completely broke & the state has seized your ss check plus any money you have in the bank & sold all your assets If you recieve an average monthly ss check & become disabled nursing home inpatient charges start at around $65,000-$70,000 per year for 1/2 of a double occupancy 12x12 room & an average ss check puts you into too high a bracket to qualify for medicade .also if your name has been on any property during the past 5 years medicare will not pay for nursing home care. you or your children will have to pay the $5000-$6000 per month for it.. OR the state will seize your bank account, your home,your car & any property that has been in your name during the past 5 years & leave your children & your heirs with nothing but debts to pay.. Thats right you cant get around this seizure by putting your property in your childs name because state medicare/medicade considers it still yours for another 5 years after the legal gifting. However if you commit a crime & serve a sentence in a prison hospital instead of a retirement/nursing home your kids can still inherit your home. your property & your bank account upon your death. In addition to the money/inheritance incentive you will actually receive better care in a prison hospital than in an average nursing home. Im speaking from personal experience with my 95 year old mother. & an identicle experience a close friend had with his 93 year old mother.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm on SS disability and I qualify for medicaid.
  • sometimes 3 meals a day, free rent, free medical care sounds good
  • Some elderly people consider it a good thing. All shelter, meals, medical and entertainment are provided at no charge.
  • I imagine that sort of thing might not deter the ever-growing population of homosexuals, but for someone with good moral character such as myself, I think allowing less drama in one's life is a better plan of action.
    • Linda Joy
      What do homosexuals have to do with this?

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