• Here’s what Trump’s payroll tax plan may mean for the future of Social Security.......The coronavirus pandemic ....will likely worsen Social Security’s funding shortfall...... The next president may have to address this issue in the next four years...... Social Security advocates worry President Donald Trump’s payroll tax holiday could portend bigger cuts down the road........
  • That's not what he said, and that's not what's in your article! Here's what Snopes says about it: And here is what Social Security says about the internet myths and who did what when : What Trump said was that he wanted to defer the payment of Social Security taxes by those who work until the first of the year to give them a greak on their payroll taxes and may discontinue them entirely because he wants to fund it differently. The only people who pay taxes on social security (which is DIFFERENT FROM SSI AND SSDI) are those who are retired and earn enough to have to pay taxes to begin with. NOT SSI OR SSDI! They've been screwing with social security for years now as explained in the link above, and it was approved by our representatives. Its an issue this time JUST BECAUSE ITS TRUMP AND EVERYONE WANTS TO DOG HIM NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES!! Especially the democrats in office now. Even your link states that TRUMP HAS NEVER EVER MENTIONED CUTTING SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS! HE HAS VOWED THAT HE WON'T LET IT HAPPEN UNDER HIS WATCH. But, of course, you will believe anything the democratic party tells you to because you think they are your protectors when they are the ones trying to keep you down!! All the way back to FDR!

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