• this license plate that I shot back in May, says it all..
  • If I had a PhD in psychology or if I were a professor I would.
  • Internally, within my office, university, or professional organizations, I would want to be referred to as doctor. When introducing myself to total strangers I would not, unless I wanted to give a longer explanation.
  • In formal settings only.
  • I wouldn't bother bragging about it. It dosen't change anything about who you are...
  • I would refer to myself as Dr. _____ because it is a title of experience and education. I understand the confusion with the MD title but the word doctor comes from the Latin for "to teach or learn". I've heard people say that nobody should call themselves "Doctor" unless they are a physician but that makes no sense. The word really has nothing to do with medicine. Of course I wouldn't introduce myself to strangers on the street as Dr. but I would in an academic or work-related setting.
  • In professional circumstances yes. Socially very very rarely/
  • I would refer to myself as Dr. __ in professional settings...otherwise I'd just go with miss __ (since i am going after a PhD in psychology)
  • I would make a rap about myself and put it on youtube, as shown here:
  • I have always been, and will always continue to be, Forrest. If I had a PhD, I would still be Forrest. Who I am is who I am, and what you see is what you get! : ))
  • My bf has 2 phd's but he doesnt refer to himself as Dr. Its good to have phd's behing your back but not to rub it in other peoples faces, i think. even a person with aphd can be the biggest A-hole that doesnt deserve any respect!
  • Never. The only non-medical doctors who call themselves "doctor" are those who have fake PHDs, such as "Institutional Administration" or anything relate to a "Doctor of Education." Real PHD holders from real areas such as physics or sciences NEVER use "doctor" to describe themselves, professionally or socially.
  • I just sent an adviser for my graduate program an email and addressed him as Mr. He emailed me back to correct me saying it's Dr. or Professor, not Mr. Does it really matter? I'm just a student asking him a question. Just made him sound like a pompous a-hole to me. It's not like I addressed him by his first name...
  • No, like many other PhD's especially professors, I would have a big ego and be really arogant, and only allow my subordinates to refer to me as Dr.
  • You earned it, use it. Medical doctors have no hold on the title. They as well as PhDs use 'Dr.' in professional settings, and become ordinary when they return home. Sounds fine to me. +3
  • I can't see myself using it to describe myself, but I don't imagine I would have a problem with others using it when talking about me in a professional setting. I don't see that there is really confusion with an MD.

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