• Right now it's the Air Fryer
  • Funnels, big wooden spoon, ladle, bowl scraper, etc., are things I thought I'd never need, yet have proven very useful. My most recent addition is a Cartilage Knife (scalpel-like knife include in dissection kits), which has become my favorite tool for de-boning chicken and pork.
  • I can't cook, so a favorite anything in the kitchen is an anathema to me.
    • Linda Joy
      What about a chef? Or a kitchen robot?
  • I never knew I needed a pizza cutter until I got one!
    • Linda Joy
      Having the right tool for the job really helps! I've worked in several pizza places, but I still cut off bite size chunks of the crust while its cooking and still soft with scissors.
    • Professor Yaffle
      I happily cut pizzas with a knife for years, a pizza cutter isn't a sophisticated gadget but it was a total revelation for me!
  • I kinda want a blender.
    • Linda Joy
      I use mine every day!
  • Well...the can opener is probably the most useful. (Yes, there are still canned goods that aren't pop-top). I have one of those safety no-sharp-edge ones and it works really well. *** I have an electric kettle that's great for boiling water or for heating water to ANY particular temperature (which is great for green tea, you don't want boiling water when you make that). *** I have a knife sharpener - one of those top-of-the-line Chef's Choice Trizor jobs. Frankly I'm not impressed with the job it does (I've never managed to get any blade "dangerously sharp" as they warn will happen in the directions, warning that it's so sharp that just barely touching the blade with your finger will cut you, and more than once I've accidentally brushed or even bumped the blade and not been cut at all) but it's a lot easier than manual sharpening.
  • I agree with Black Mystique, an air fryer. I'd really like to make pasta per meal for me alone, but that seems just not doable.
    • Linda Joy
      You can do that in the microwave. I don't recommend stirring as much as they say. That causes both pasta and rice to get sticky.
      Pasta per meal - use Fasta Pasta. GREAT gizmo, cooks pasta in the microwave. The big one cooks up to 8 servings (16 ozs), and the smaller one cooks up to 4 servings (8 ozs). (Note: I have the bigger one.) Fast (compared to pot of water on the stove). Easy to use. Easy to clean. Easy to strain water. (No pot holder required. No burning-hot pot to deal with.) Really works. I don't use a pot of water on the stove for ANY pasta any more. *** Solution Two: Pasta Roni, which has microwave instructions. Most flavors taste REALLY GOOD...but they don't have 100% whole wheat varieties. I usually cook 100% whole wheat Barilla thin spaghetti. Love the flavor, keeps the doctor happy.
  • kitchen tongs
    • Linda Joy
      You can improvise with two utensils, a spacer and a rubber band.

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