• Maybe, but would that be a good think to have one government body? Culture and local needs might be missed.
  • The One World Order is getting close. This past weekend there was a program called "Global Citizen" subliminally preparing people to accept the One World Order with a happy enjoyable program. This Covid19 virus was planned to see if the people could be controlled to quarantine themselves and to be controlled. Biblically we are very close. From my research it could come sometime between or around 2029 and 2034, as this is the 2000 year time interval since the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Lord God likes to do things in 1000 year blocks. The general unrest in the world is another sign. Yes the One World Order is very close.
    • Cry me a River
      Do you think it could come (at least begin) before Christ comes for his church at the rapture?
    • Thinker
      Yes, I believe this is the time the rapture could occur or it could be the time of the anti-Christ. Everything is adding up with everything going on in the world now, all the unrest, wars, famines, disease and sickness. Those of us truly in Christ Jesus will be raptured out so you better not be luke warm or cold. Be ready.
    • Cry me a River
      Revelation 3:15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
    • Cry me a River
      I’m cold or hot, ready!! I know some Christians who are ready mostly hot, however.
  • I thought it was already here, the United Nations is the platform for all countries.
    • Cry me a River
      Yeah but they are not in control, as of yet.

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