• We on a non-enforced lock-down. People here are told to stay at home, and, although most people are, some people are not. Ironically, the last week before the lockdown, you rarely saw anyone going anywhere, but since we went on lockdown a few days ago, traffic has been worse, and the grocery stores are even more packed. From the look of it, though, the spread is slowly starting to subside here. With any luck, at least the people carrying the virus will stay home for another two weeks and life can gradually go back to normal as we pick up the pieces of the economy and try to make sense of all of this in the next month or so.
    • Linda Joy
      They probably all ran out to get supplies. By told to stay home do you mean a shelter in place order like California, or just a closing of non essential businesses and a recommendation for people to stay home?
  • We are on Lock down. Stay At home. Only essential travel allowed. No mixing with anyone outside your household even if they are friends and family. No gathering above one outside unless those persons are part of your household and exercising. . Allowed to go out of hours exercise but must keep social distancing rules. At supermarkets they are only letting a few people in and we are queuing outside with 2 metres between each person. There are limits on certain items at supermarkets. Ideal that only one person in the family goes to supermarket. Hours for supermarket given to elderly and NHS staff. Advised that over 70's stay at home. We can get fined if found to be flouting the rules, and those fines will double if caught again. We have helicopters making sure people are not gathering in groups.
    • Linda Joy
      Dang! Are those helicopters armed?! I had to buy two gallons of milk for my friend when she took me to the market because she has 6 kids and they had put a limit on the milk! How is one person supposed to shop for 8 with limits like that? She doesn't want to bring her kids to the store! She's trying to keep them safe!

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