• Only if I have a reason to do so.
    • Shaky_1991
      I never care what other people say or think.
    • Linda Joy
      So where did your learn about weight lifting or proper diet if you don't care what other people say or think? You have to care enough to learn and apply what you've learned before you can even see any kind of result and whether or not it works for you. What about your parents? You don't care what they think? What about wife and kids? Or are you the kind that tell them what to think and do?
    • bostjan64
      If someone is an expert at something, I would have a reason to care what that person thought about that particular subject. If I am close relatives with someone, then I have reason to care what that person thinks about a lot of things. If I am at the grocery store, and I pass a stranger in the TP aisle, I would have no reason to care what they thought.
  • You are a moron if you don't. ie A cop thinks you should pull over, a doctor thinks you should call them, the girlfriend thinks you need to talk more.. etc etc. It matters more what others think than what you think. As if you're not listening to others, you're just parroting off your own inane thoughts.
    • Shaky_1991
      You're a moron if you do.
    • Linda Joy
      That's what you do Jism!
  • Yes that is a natural perspective of life. However it takes time to appreciate the differences.😍
  • Of course! I learned everything I know based on what other people have thought before me that I learned from them. Whether I care what they think OF ME depends on the person and the value I place on their opinion. I care what God thinks of me. I care what my son thinks of me. There are a very few friends and others I care or have cared what they think. Mostly I care when I don't like what they think about me and I know its true and I don't like it in myself and need to change it anyway. And there are conditional circumstances when I care like when applying for a job, etc. But if a job or friendship doesn't work out because of my personality then it wasn't a good fit to begin with.

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