• No. So called "non-smokers" should be left to die, as they usually have no life worth saving. Joking aside. Covid is not consistent in who it targets, it's attack mechanisms are still largely unknown - as are it's cures. The reason people with underlying conditions are dying more readily, is that there are more conditions to mitigate already.
  • I doubt smoking or not would be a good indication of who gets to live or die in this situation. It has been speculated that the wealthy will survive this and the poor will die. I think that will most likely be the case. As soon as there is a treatment for this thing, someone like Martin Skreli might come along and buy all of it, then charge people a million dollars for it. Anyone who has a million dollars to spend and is going to die will buy the cure, and then the opportunist guy (or gal) will quickly become too rich and powerful for the authorities to stop. Or, more likely, this will all be over before there is a cure anyway.

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