• Congratulations! Pulling your hair back in a tight bun sometimes helps a little. For me, my dresses get longer. Wouldn't be an issue if I didn't have to use a (rollator) walker. If my dresses/skirts are too long they roll up in the wheels of my walker. Getting a new wardrobe is expensive, but I just make do with what I have. If you wear jeans or like tight fitting clothes/bras that would be an issue. Some medications may have to be adjusted according to body weight, I'm not sure. And sometimes it affects your feet as well. I think people notice it more when they gain weight and their shoes get tight, but loose shoes can cause accidents, too.
  • Nothing bad about being healthier. I would say that losing weight would be a negative thing if you were already under your ideal BMI. Some people are afraid of having loose skin, but the fact of the matter is that, the longer a person hangs on to excess weight, the looser the skin will get, so I don't really see that as a "con."
  • Wrinkles
  • The downside is gaining it back if you don't maintain your weight. lol
  • Depend what you're losing. Most of the time you're simply losing water - not fat - which is the point of weight loss. if you're actually seeing facial changes then your weight problem is probably glandular.
  • Hunger? Sagging skin at a certain age, as it isn't as elasticated anymore, in that case it is best to lose it slowly. But you are right, and some people look older after losing weight, I suppose you have to weigh that up with the benefits of losing weight as fat around your organs, and cholesterol for the heart isn't a good thing either and can lead to an early death.
  • Oh, I just thought of another good one! Have you ever seen someone's drawers fall down because of weight loss from their hips/butt?

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