• How about letting the kurds take care of themselves? Does their god not provide for them?
  • I disagree with Trump's decision to abandon the Kurds, but we need to get the hell out of Syria. Not only are the Kurds our allies in the fight against ISIS, but Turkey is also our ally and a member of NATO. We do have a large base in Turkey. The problem with someone else, like the US, trying to establish a Kurdish state, is that other people won't like it and it will be another endless battle keeping them safe. The UN is who should have boots on the ground there, not the US. Then again, the UN is pretty useless.
  • Well, that's what hundreds of Kurds are dying for. Turkey has a long history of genocide and ethnic oppression. The Kurds in Turkey are a tiny force in comparison with the Turkish military. If the UN wants to step in, then maybe they can start a petition to file a motion to schedule a time to discuss the issue over tea.

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