• You should see the emaciated cows that are "protected" there.
    • Boola Boo
      There are laws against cruelty to animals here in America. I hope you turned them in. If you didn't give me the information and I will!
    • mushroom
      I've only seen them in photos taken by a friend. Cows are considered holy in Hinduism, so they are left to wander anywhere they go, but not fed regularly. It seems quite cruel and sad from a Western perspective.
    • Linda Joy
      Its the same here with the wild mustangs.
  • Are you going to finance the trip and keep them, where, exactly? Do you own a lot of land and a big ship? You and Axe 77 can pool your resources and hope the animals all get along. Ok, considering the audience I'm going to throw out reason and use the libtard play deck. How could you possibly consider taking that poor elephant away from its family members! It would be completely lost here!! (eye roll!)
  • You're an educated woman, boo! Surely you know elephants are indigenous only to India and Africa. So it would stand to reason if there are elephants here there had to be a way to get them here! Why don't you ask the other elephants how they got here?
  • I was once beaten with a board that had a nail in it, and I didn't rampage anyone. Maybe its a gang elephant high on crack just making trouble in the neighborhood!
  • Actually I'm more concerned with the brides being burned there than elephants being hit with a stick. I'm more concerned with the babies that get murdered for being born with a cleft lip, or those that are sold for sex slaves or other slave labor or those that sell organs to provide for their families. Or the rape victims condemned for committing adultery. 'Honor killings and the like. For some reason I just get so much more angry when people are mistreated. And trust me when I tell you that getting hit with a stick doesn't hurt nearly so much as being sexually abused!
  • You can shoot them in the neck with a tranquilizer dart, tie them up, take them away from their natural environment, transplant them to a continent that they're not indigenous to, and put them on a concrete pad made to look like the place you just took them from. Awesome plan.
  • There are cats and dogs being abused and slaughtered in various Asian countries. That doesn't mean they should be brought to America. Besides, North America isn't known for its giant mammals. In what US parks and forests would you put elephants in without disturbing the public? Maybe the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, how about Yellowstone? 😆

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