• Not being able to find my emergency kit.
    • Linda Joy
      put it beside the door. And be sure to keep a list of all your account numbers in it, including your insurance company.
    • Rick Myres
      Now this. Have done that with other things and be looking all over for it to never see it till much later. Neurological problems are FUN not. Y
  • living alone and having to do everything yourself
  • Nobody to bring you breakfast in bed.
  • Feeling lonely
  • Let's don't have someone who's always right telling you what to do...if you're a guy, you don't get any of that culture like ballet and opera that you wouldn't ever, ever, NEVER ever ever get unless you're not can drink beer whenever you like, but you have to get it yourself...[I could go on]
    • Linda Joy
      Please do! I'm enjoying it so far!

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