• Adoption, whether public or private, is a long and often emotionally trying process that may cost up to $25,000 and require a wait of up to several years. Steps: 1. Decide what sort of child you want to adopt. Consider factors such as race, ethnicity, age and special needs. Your choice of a child will influence the kind of agency you use. 2. Select an agency. There are both private and public agencies; public agencies generally handle special-needs adoptions and adoptions of older children, while private agencies handle all domestic and intercountry adoptions. 3. Ask the agency for references, check on their licensing and inquire about fees and payment schedules. Fees required by public agencies, which are funded through state and federal monies, are much lower than those required by private agencies. 4. Once you've chosen an agency, complete an application form. 5. Participate in the home study, which will evaluate your potential as an adoptive parent. This process can take several months. Once it's complete, you're ready to have a child placed in your home. 6. Be aware of state laws concerning final adoption. In most states, the child must live with you for six months before the adoption can be finalized. Your agency will provide support and guidance, or you may wish to retain an attorney for the finalization process. Tips: You may elect to adopt without an agency. This is called independent adoption. To do this, you must first familiarize yourself with your state laws regarding adoption, and retaining an attorney to advise you is a good idea. You are responsible for locating a birth mother who may wish to put her child up for adoption. With independent adoptions, it's customary for the adopting parents to pay for the mother's medical expenses, home study fees and, in some states, counseling fees for the mother. Often, the cost for independent adoption is as much as that for private agency adoption. How to adopt a child in Ontario Canada The Process Books on How To Adopt Your Child
  • Here's a lot of great information. And it will probably be cheaper through this agency as well. They're not in it for the money.

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