• It works.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I didn't know that existed. Pretty cool. Knowing my luck, though, I'd get it, get out of the habit of checking the stove, years would pass, then I would get a new stove that doesn't fit those, and then I would burn down my house the first time I ever forgot to shut off the stove. LOL
    • mushroom
      It 's a tiny magnet and a plastic disc that sticks onto the back of the stove dial, so it doesn't interfere with the dial at all. However, it is more difficult to attach properly if the back of the dial isn't flat. Perhaps the mfr has addressed that by now. I have one on the burner I use for the morning tea kettle, which is the most likely victim of sip-and-run.
  • No, but I did go to sleep once with a ham in the oven.
    • Rick Myres
      At least it was well done when you woke up huh? Lol :)
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      What happened? Did it smoke up the house?
    • Linda Joy
      It wasn't a short nap. It was charred on the outside, but the center was edible. I don't remember a lot of smoke. I think because they add so much salt water to meat these days and it didn't spill over on the element. I had an employee set a fryer on fire once. I mean it was flaming! lol She glanced at me in fear, but once I saw she was doing everything right and extinguished the flame I just left her to it and didn't say anything.
  • no cause i dont even use it but ive left rny door unlocked by accident

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