• A sister taking care of a brother is a kindness. This is a crime that should have been prosecuted. You know full well if they were white and not black there would have been talk of rioting! Because we all know rioting is the only answer, and it always makes things better, right? I'm so sick of racism! And I'm tired of it being an excuse for bad behavior! I don't even believe it when anyone says it anymore. Its like the women who cry rape when they haven't been! It makes people not believe it when its true! Besides ruining lives! I'll be so glad when I can go to a place where everyone there has made a choice to try to do the right thing and I don't have to live amongst evil anymore!
    • Archie Bunker
      A sweet, innocent black man was shot by the racist police, so I'm gonna break into this store and steal some sneakers just to show how racist everyone is.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh now I see... They were opting for door #2, $130,000! They might be onto something here if it there was a chance in hell it would work, but I doubt the punk will pay. Some group or organization for the promotion of racism will back him on it.
    • Archie Bunker
      $130,000 is pocket change. Jail will hurt.
  • That black racist judge is an accomplice to his crimes. Both belong in prison. This OJ Simpson again.
    • Archie Bunker
      The DA and the judge need to be looked at by the FBI and even the ABA. Something doesn't smell right here.
  • What it says to me is both the judge and the mayor took a bribe (great facades). The mayor doesn't want Trump to have the FBI investigate.
    • Archie Bunker
      The mayor is actually calling for the FBI to investigate. The DA and the judge who allowed it are the one who needs to answer for this.
    • Wakko
      That "sealed" shit bugs the fuck out of me.
  • i wish people would stop being racist

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