• It never has since I've been here. About two years now.
    • Rick Myres
      It used to be on my profile. Then it was gone.
    • Ice man
      @ Rick - Sorry but, I believe you might be mistaken if you think you saw numbers in the area that should show who you are following, because Linda is right. In development, that feature was never finished and has never worked.
    • Rick Myres
      Thumbing you up Ice man. I could have dreamed it.
  • That is a good question ! One of many, to which we don't have a clear answer to yet (and don't hold your breath). The new site was put together on the fly ... one piece at a time after it went online, not beforehand. We (the members) were the live test stage. To put it mildly the place was a mess, but the techs worked long and hard developing it into what it is today. Unfortunately the developing stage seems to have ended quite some time ago, leaving some little things unfinished (such as "who you follow"). There are also a myriad of "Bells,Whistles, & Improvements" that were requested by members. At the time, the admin told us they were coming in the near future (that was a couple of years ago). If it ever happens ... I will be eternally grateful. Is this site perfect ? NO!!!! It has a long way to go. But, even without all the "Bells & Whistles"(which, Dan if you're reading this, would make AB S0ooo much better !) AB is still a usable site, a little boring sometimes .. but usable.
    • Rick Myres
      Very true indeed. This very well may be my shortest answer yet lol.
  • not sure why

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