• Have you tried ear plugs? Just keep calling the police if it's after 10 pm. I just turn up my music, but that doesn't work for you.
    • pearllederman
      i hear it anyways even with earplugs
    • Linda Joy
      I think asking for a friend has the best idea. Call the cops every time they do it, but remain anonymous. My neighbor did the same thing with a guy that lived above her. He stopped doing it.
  • Do you have a phone? Dial 911!
    • pearllederman
      ive already done that
  • I live in the same county as you. No need to name it here though please... keep calling the police. After 3 noise violations (with a fine that increases each time) the city will fine the owner of the property along with the tenant. Since you already called once and it still continued, they have proven themselves to be inconsiderate jerks. So I wouldn’t confront them in person or let anyone know you are the caller. Don’t put yourself at risk
    • pearllederman
      what do you mean by you live in the same county as me, are you someone i know? not sure if they have email on here but if you want to email me mine is, if you want to email me there since this probably aint the place to talk about it like where i am and stuff. mostly wondering if youre someone i know. especially since you said youre in the same county.
    • AskingForaFriend
      No, sorry. That was weird of me to say and I didn?t mean to be creepy. You mentioned your area once here in an answer and I remembered. I don?t know you though. Good luck with the noise
    • pearllederman
      guess i was wondering if you were someone i knew
  • I hate to use the word but its true,that;s ghetto behaviour. I live in one and its potluck who gets put by you since many skip out on rent.Calling the police here can endanger your life. Somehow you need to become friendly with them like I did to most here.Eventually,you can mention it and usually they say sorry,I didn't know.The neighbours asked my sister.She said I'm deaf..So they laughed,now I get along good.
    • pearllederman
      i know but its not really cool to wake people up in the middle of the night
  • For some reason both barrels of a 12 ga. shotgun quiets a noisy audio quickly after the initial boom of the shotgun! Of course not aimed toward the person but at the equipment only.
    • pearllederman
      cant do that, i'll get in trouble
    • Thinker
      Well it would shut up the noise anyway. Your'e not killing anyone just the noise machine. Put it out of its misery and be done with it.
    • Linda Joy
      "Reckless discharge of a gun is what the officers are claiming. Bubba hollered Reckless hell! I hit just where I was aiming!" lol
  • Speak to him! It is so weird, you haven't mentioned that you asked this person yourself to turn the music down.
    • pearllederman
      i left him a note asking him to turn it down
    • pearllederman
      hes in jail now so i dont have those issues anymore
    • Linda Joy
      Anon, you obviously live in a no gun zone or you wouldn't even suggest that! Please think before you tell someone in low income housing to confront someone they don't know. Its just not safe.
  • Just say look man I got to get up in the morning real early I can appreciate that you like your music loud I like that kind of music too but could you just turn it down a tad so I can get some shut-eye please
  • Chop him up and put his head in the freezer.
  • Hi Pearl, I had a look to see if you had anything in the US that is similar to our government environmental health department, and found the link below, loud music is considered a noise pollutant when it interferes with normal activities or disrupts or diminishes one's quality of life, so I'm wondering if the environmental protection agency will be able to help you, link below. keep a diary.
    • Linda Joy
      I think this is more for things like jackhammers and work equipment and such. What she is talking about runs more along the lines of a disturbance of the peace for which you would call the police. But I think its very helpful of you to research that for her.
    • Creamcrackered
      The epa lists loud music as noise pollution, especially during unsocial hours.
    • Creamcrackered
      I'm not even sure if this is an old question Linda?
  • I see "Linda Joy" answered earplugs and you answered that you hear it anyways. Try getting some earmuffs, which can be much better at canceling sound, and then putting earplugs in, as you are wearing the earmuffs. If you still hear it with earplugs and earmuffs in, then it is loud enough that you should be able to file some kind of serious complaint. If earmuffs with earplugs don't work, it may be kinda pricey, but they have some really good "white noise, noise canceling headphones" out there. EDIT: Just read your other comment that says he is in jail now. LOL! Never mind!
    • mushroom
      This is a big problem with AB: no date stamp on comments, so you'd never know if someone hadn't pointed out which comment is a recent update.
  • Carry on ringing the police (you are lucky because the police do nothing regarding this type of thing in the UK) you need to record him somehow to gain evidence, give this to the police as noise in antisocial hours is a form of harassment. You could contact your Environmental Health Organisation as this falls under noise pollution. Not sure if this site would help.
  • The easiest answer is to go talk to him and tell him to get some headphones. You don't care about his music, but you should not be the one hearing it from his apt. If that doesn't work, then all gloves are off, but you want to keep it legal. You can buy jamming devices - but they are usually illegal in most countries. Hence the two legal ( and evil) options you have have to hire a large electromagnet. turn to max output and switch poles - his speakers will explode. the other option is to get an old fashioned microphone and speaker set. Give him the mother of all feedback loops.
  • Report them to the police for disturbing the peace.
  • yikes, i really don't know, i would get in touch with the housing management and complain, sorry if that doesn't help. wish you luck.
  • If you cannot withstand the noise, there is a polite and soft way of requesting your neighbor to turn the volume down.

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