• im not sure what she means by that either, maybe you should ask her that
    • Rick Myres
      That is a joke. Yeah I know the "Notify me of answers on" plus the icon is in the way. I always try to shorten one when it is going to be that way. But forgot it this time.
  • more jokes!
    • arcticpup22
      Ok here's a joke: If you're Jewish and shopping at Wal-Mart you know things aren't going the way you planned.. I got that one from a comedian...
  • Lol at first I thought this was a real question...I barely noticed a week later that it was a joke...
  • If ANYbody looks at the top and see Entertainment---> Jokes they would know it is a joke.
  • BOOOOOO!!! Got any dirty ones? And I don't mean a white horse fell in the mud. :P

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