• none, no clothing at all :) that is my favorite.
  • I know this answer is a waste of your time and mine, but I can't find anything else to answer. As a 60 year old man I don't really have a lot of interest in girls' clothing brands. In fact I don't have any interest in the brands of any clothing. If it's comfortable I wear it, if it isn't I don't. From time to time my wife points out that I shouldn't really wear that shirt with those trousers and, to keep the peace, I change one or the other.
  • Shputnick
  • I do not buy clothing via brands.
  • Many of my clothes are by Gucci.
  • Charlotte Russe and F21
  • It depends on the age of the girls. When my daughter was a pre teen in the 90's, she was all about Limited Too, which is now called Justice I think. In her teens, it was all about Forever 21 and Anchor Blue. I prefer the Juniors section at Macy's for girls clothes. What is their brand, "ThisIt" or something like that. And Tilly's. I love Tilly's.

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