• Why is he in the "Penalty Box" ?
    • Ice man
      Because some asshole doesn't appreciate his sense of humor and they went around and flagged all his questions and answers as "offensive".
    • Beaker Five-O
      I was kinda hoping this site was more lenient than other Q&A sites. What should I avoid saying as to not offend people ?
    • Ice man
      Just be yourself, you seem to be the kind of people we need around here. It is pretty lenient and we generally say what we want. But sometimes people are easily offended because they have a chip on their shoulder and bring their bad manners, or goody-two-shoes attitude when they've been kicked off some other site. Like the person (I called an asshole) who could have made a remark to express them self and let it go at that. But just to be nasty she went and flagged all his questions ,answers and comments. Most of which were funny and harmless. Some people are just plain miserable and can't stand to see others have fun. They don't usually last for very long before they go away, but by then the damage is done and there is nothing you can do to avoid it. So have fun with your questions and answers.
  • that does sound weird
  • Don't know, bro...I started hanging out at a lot of Canadians there.
    • Ice man
      I'll have a look. : )
    • Ice man
      Oh wow, I got lost over there listening to Carlos Santana and looking at cool helicopter videos. Tons of cool stuff and I barely scratched the surface, I had to bookmark it. Thanks bro !

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