• The judge has told you to stop that scam before, kid. Don't risk the pokey with such tactics.
    • newyorknewyork
      Won't be breaking any laws. I'm not a sleaze bag.
  • Be a professional. Find out what's done in the industry and be a professional and charge if THEY ask for topless photo. Otherwise, you'll be perceived as an amateur trying to get a look.
    • newyorknewyork
      Charging would undermine the spirit of my generosity!
    • Black Mystique
      You are too much! Maybe ask your girlfriend ;-)
  • Just walk around with a sandwich board: "FREE TOPLESS PHOTOS (of you, not me)."
  • I wonder how many guys would let me take completely naked photos for free... I'm guessing probably more than a dozen! See its the naked world where women have the power! Of course even after this question I still haven't figured out if you're a male or a female. That might make a difference in your response. Have you ever thought of cross dressing for this amateur career?
  • They aren't interested in posing for "amature photographers". Why don't you offer your services as an amature doctor and offer to do breast exams for free.

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