• "Andale" in Spanish for hurry up, come on, get a move on.
  • My language is has a word for refrigerator that makes me laugh. It is "bitchitchtahay." A neighboring tribe has a word for butterfly that is funny too, it is "want ma pussa". The tribe to our north has a word for drizzling rain that makes me laugh too, it is "uu pussu puttuu" 9/5/23
  • Shalom
  • Shalom
  • German has some of the best words: Turtle is "shield-toad." Raccoon is "washing-bear" (because they look like little panda bears and they wash their food). Hospital is "sick-house." Ambulance is "sick-wagon." But, the best word is nothing like any of those, it's "doch." It's a multi-purpose word that really has no direct translations in English. However, it's best use is as a contradictory answer to a negative question. "Aren't you taking the bus today?" In English, you can answer "yes" or "no," or else try to explain in a lengthy sentence that you are taking the bus and their negative question is difficult to answer. But, in German, you can use the word "doch" to make it clear to anyone that you are contradicting whatever they are saying or asking. It's a very cool word with tons of nifty uses. Probably most famous to use it in a stupid argument where you simply want to tell someone that whatever they are saying is wrong, but it's just a great word all around. I'd bet other languages have a similar word, but I'm not aware of such.
    • dalcocono
      I was eating lunch with a German friend years ago, and he didn't use all the butter the server had given him. She said to him "vergist doch nichts, du sollst die butter immer essen!"
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Natürlich! Sie hat doch recht. Spare in der Zeit, so hast du in der Not. - She's right - waste not, want not.
    • dalcocono
      I worked with a German waitress for years, and she helped me with her language. I was teasing her one time with a joke somebody told about the German word for "bra" being "der floppensiestoppen". She laughed and said the real word is almost as funny as that; it is "der bustenhalter".

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