• Nope. I'm not an American with insecurity issues.
    • Venus1485
      Straw Man argument is illogical.
    • GunsnCars
      I can no longer fight because of buldging disks in my neck, so if someone breaks in I'd have a much better chance with a gun. specially if there are two or the criminal\s has a gun them selves. Also i go mountain camping sometimes and I'd prefer to have a higher caliber for protection from bears and wildlife.
    • Sandra Ursula
      You insult us Americans with lies. Don't come here. You sound insecure, not me.
  • i dont, i hate guns
    • Venus1485
      You don't understand them.
    • Sandra Ursula
      I love my guns. I grew up using them on my family farm.
  • For defense. And because I want one.
  • i dont, i hate guns
    • Venus1485
      I heard you the first time. You still make no sense.
    • Sandra Ursula
      I love my guns.
  • A good gun is the beat means of self-defense. I am a 5'-5", 106 lbs. lady, and if some huge man attacks me, I can defend myself with a gun.
  • So I can kill people really easily.
  • The number one legitimate purpose of owning a gun, above and beyond all other legitimate purposes is self-defense and protection. The secondary purpose is to provide the comfort of knowing you can defend yourself, to the best of your abilities, regardless of your proficiency to do so.
  • To go hunting for nerds 🤓🤓. Not really. All people's lives are precious, even mine.
  • I don't own one, probably never will. I don't like them.
    • Sandra Ursula
      I like them a lot. They're great for self-defense.
  • I own a lot of guns for different uses. Some are for protection and defense. Some are for hunting different game. Some are for target shooting. Some are for informal plinking. I grew up using guns. I was on a farm.
  • I inherited my grandfather's rifles. And his double barrel shotgun. Never was interested in buying ammo. Its just nice to keep them for him:)

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