• That would mean that he's actually seeing you for something more than just a flirting game, When guys stutter and try to pay attention to what you are saying shows great detail and respect.
  • Either that he finds you overwhelmingly attractive.... or ....that you intimidate him. I would say something like "I have noticed that you seem to be nervous around me"...."do I intimidate you?" and see what he says.
  • Oh yeah, hes prolly intimidated and attracted. theres been a few in my time that everything went wrong when they showed up, choke on my own spit, studder, drop stuff, and my face would turn ripe red like i was suddenly caught playin w/ myself as a kid or sumthin. be nice to that boy, dont brake him down like she did to me..
  • Oh yeah, he definitely likes you, more than just a crush. I know when I'm around certain girls, I start shaking. that only happens when I like a girl more than just sexually. Those are the girls I try to go for.
  • In my aspect, he would. I was as loose as a cannon with girls that I only saw as friends. But the one that I was very fond of, I suddenly became very nervous and insecure. Don't cold shoulder or ignore him, if you have the least interest in him. He could quickly hate you far easier than anyone else.
  • Yeah, a guy would like you if he stutters while talking to you. He's trying to say something most likely very nice, but since he's shy and doesn't want to mess it up, he tries as hard as possible not to mess it up. So be gentle with him
  • Then you are probably an insanely gorgeous girl who's smart,funny,kind,caring,ect.and you just take his breath away. Oh,and you're probably so amazingly attractive to him that he wants to be careful about everything he does to make sure you like him
  • I think he's interested in you
  • i think theres so much he wants to say to you that he cant get the words out correctly
  • Awww, I think that he likes you.
  • I flirt with people ALL the time...and the only ones that make me nervous are the ones I really yeah...he probly likes you :D
  • Well it sorta depends if he has a physical problem or not,
  • lukz so... :D... peace!!!
  • its obvious that he just doesn't want to say the wrong thing cause he know hell mess everything up
  • definitely...i act the same or even worse in front of the girl i really like and care about...its not so much of a matter of confidence if you ask me. It's just that he really cares about what you think and really appreciates the time with you and does not want to mess things up...having such thoughts makes him nervous...

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