• Jewels Vern
      Actually I have been unemployed since January 2006 and I think that's just fine!
    • Linda Joy
      I wish I could work. I know I can, doing something! I just have to figure out how!
    • Army Veteran
      Unemployment creates health concerns for retired and disabled people. Most retired people are used to getting their hands dirty, and not being able to keep busy affects their drive to stay active and, consequently, their mental attitude. Sitting around doing nothing, they don't maintain the blood circulation and this is when physical problems begin to develop. After being forced onto disability, this is one of the reasons I developed heart failure.
  • lots of entry level jobs are available
    • Army Veteran
      "Available", yes. But as long as people are being paid not to work, they won't.
  • There is no unemployment in my area.
  • Actually, I think you understand stuff remarkably well. I see fast food places working just their drive-thru windows. They could open back up, but are not looking to hire anyone. They seem content with the status quo. This hurts the economy as much or more than before the mandates were lifted. To be able to offer jobs but not doing so is hurting people who want to work.
  • I think I don't know what it is.
  • Unfortunately we ain't seen nothing yet. Thanks Joe. The government has been paying people not to work, creating a labor shortage, and the vaccine mandate is about to put plenty of more people out of work.
  • There are soooo many "Help Needed" signs.
    • 11stevo73
      what does $12 an hour get a person the scumbag companys paying fuckall have alot to answer for. How much does a CEO pay itself the reverlution is coming don't worry about that get yourself guns and bullets.
  • There are so many Help Wanted signs posted.

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