• Linda Joy
      You lost both your parents to it? What kind? Be sure to get your exams regularly! I lost my mother to cancer that started in her breast and then moved her lung
    • beaker95
    • Linda Joy
      It's not the same now as it was then be sure and get your exams early detection is the key.
    • mushroom
      Mom died of lung cancer. She never smoked; Dad did, but had given it up decades earlier. Problem is doctors stop early detection once you reach 80. Mom had a shadow on her lung years earlier, but it was considered benign. By the time of the cancer diagnosis, it had already metastasized.
  • I don't give cancer any thoughts. In this family we die of strokes.
    • Linda Joy
      I've lost a few family members to that as well. How is the condition of your circulatory system? Do you keep regular appointments?
    • Jewels Vern
      I can still walk to the grocery store, but I have to sit down for a while along the way. I have decided not to bother with appointments. I watched my mother wind down for eight years and I decided I won't do that. I will just die with dignity.
    • Linda Joy
      That was a different day and time. Today cancers very treatable with early detection you really should get your exams.
    • Jewels Vern
      Doctors don't go to doctors. Knowing what they know, they avoid the system they work in. What does that tell you?
    • Linda Joy
      They order their own Diagnostics.
  • There are a number of methods of natural healing for cancer. The physicians and pharmaceutical companies won't let them on the market because they would loose billions of dollars each year. A good example is vitamin B-17, known to cure all cancers but illegal to sell in the USA.
    • mushroom
      Also called Laetrile, there are a lot of bitter raw apricot seed products available, but studies showed a chance of too much cyanide (a deadly poison) buildup in the body.
    • Thinker
      I never remember apricot seeds being bitter tasting. When I was young (around 9) we lived where we had a huge apricot tree in our yard. I would climb up and eat apricots as long as they lasted then cracked open and ate the seeds. I thought they were delicious. I know I ate dozens of them each year.
  • ive never had it but ive had relatives that died from it
  • I hate the name for starters!
    • mushroom
      There's no nicer way it put it, just like two other words in the English language which are a pain in the arse: diarrhea and mortgage.
  • Thoughts on cancer are as cancerous as cancer itself.
  • 4yo bro died in 58 before I was born, Older Bro had cancer twice. Recovered from the first bout, died from the second round, different locations, 38 years after the first time. Father died of lung cancer. in 81. Just last summer a good friend of mine died of what may have been left over breast cancer from her first bout 3 yrs prior which came back in her hip and knee. Prayers to all those afflicted with life threatening illnesses that they at least are at peace with life and those in their lives.
  • Lost both parents to cancer. I am not so upset with the cancers but the asshat medical field that managed their cancers. It was the treatments that killed both my parents.
  • No, praise Jesus Christ. There are a number of good cures for cancer available but not allowed by the AMA. Yes, I have lost several including my step dad to cancer.
  • I look forward to the fulfillment of Isaiah 33:24, a time when “no resident will say ‘I am sick’”. I watched a friend pass away due to cancer.
  • I lost my mother to cancer. I coped because of the Bible's promise that God will soon wipe out all diseases and death (Revelation 21:4) and will bring back to life those who are in his memory. (Acts 24:15)
  • ive lost relatives cause of cancer, i myself have to have a colostomy cause of a home kit i did that turned out positive, so im not sure whats going on yet
  • It's on the list of illnesses that can take you out. We never know which one will be the one.

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