• no one really knows for sure, but here's a good discussion on it: great film :D
  • Bill Murray has said he will never tell. My guess is "Ill see you at the Oscars."
  • Good Q. Even The Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB), gives us two takes on this: For years, no one other than Bill Murray, Scarlett Johannson and Sofia Coppola knew what Bob whispered to Charlotte in the final scene, but according to BBC2's "The Culture Show" (2004) in October 2006, where special sound equipment was used to make the conversation audible, Bob most likely said: "I love you. Don't forget to always tell the truth." Here's the other: "The director has stated that the line was unscripted and unknown to her and the actor has declined to repeat the line when asked. There appears to be growing agreement, however, among careful listeners... that the line is indeed "I'll always remember the past few days with you. Don't part mad. Tell him the truth. OK?"
  • I know for a fact that he says "I've got to leave now, but i'm not going to let this come between us, ok?" It is on youtube.
  • I haven't seen that movie so I'll guess. Bob says "Charlotte, you need a good spanking".

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