• I am the "Cook" in the slow BBQ type person. In fact I bought myself a birthday present ... yes, you guessed it .... a bottle of Tequila and a great big, brand new 6 burner BBQ, with a side burner. I almost never do drive-thru ( maybe once in a couple of years - then get mad at myself for doing it again)..
    • Linda Joy
      Yes, I had that one pegged when I asked the question. In fact you inspired it! ;-) Some things are just better done slower. Well, that's what they tell me, I have no patience! Hahaha!
    • Linda Joy
      And that side burner comes in real handy! When I cooked at Bethany Home the grill was great for keeping the heat out of the house. We had a screened in back deck on the second floor in the trees! It was a beautiful home. I'm thankful for them!

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