• In the US: the Grand Canyon; DC (2nd trip); NY- museums International: Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Japan, Wales, England, China, India, Israel
  • America. The Deep South.
    • Ice man
      If you go deep enough .. it's called "South America".
    • Lilo Avli
      Often I'll go as deep as I can, and still come up way too North.
    • Ice man
      Sounds like you have an internal problem.
  • Australia to see the artists and native dancers, the ladies who save the bats, (yes I want to hold one and will get vaccinated) Greece and native dancers smashing plates, Herculaneum( a quiet day with history) New Zealand to see the Maori *Haka dance then on to Denmark (i think Denmark) to see the Ballet troupe that performs a very different brand of awesome. Anyplace that has great works of art. Wow I guess there ARE a lot of thing I want to see and do. Never gave it much thought. Too bad life is so short. Oh, and the places my Grandparents lived. I want to go back for both of us.
  • Yes, I live in Saudi Arabia, I want to visit Bahamas as i listed that its one of most interesting place around the world and there are lots of attraction that i want to visit like blue lagoon island, paradise islande and Castaaway cay but still need more reviews about visiting Bahamas to know more about planning my trip there
  • where i used to live
  • I have moved between Japan and the USA several times.
  • i wouldnt mind visiting the place where i used to live
  • Thousands of places. I've driven in most of the lower 48 states (can't say that I've "seen the sights" in that many, but I have seen a lot of the sights). So: - I'd like to finish visiting the few states I haven't visited yet. - I'd like to stop in some of those that I just drove through and see the sights there. - I'd especially like to take the time to check out all of the national parks. - apart from the U.S., I'd like to visit any and all relatively safe nations.

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