• 6-26-2017 I bumped my head on a chandelier once. Nobody cared enough to notice.
    • mushroom
      It said struck *BY* lighting. I was almost struck by lighting when a fluorescent ballast went poof right above where I had been sitting.
    • Jewels Vern
      Well, that's all I got.
  • Yea. When I was a small child. I was playing in my dads (off limits) office when a bolt came through the window glass. It must've been a glancing blow because other than knocking me over and cracking the glass there was no damage.
  • Not directly but back in the early 1970s I was Jeeping with some fiends on Red Mountain in Colorado. A thunderstorm came up and the lightening was hitting the rocks all around us. It was so close you could hear it sizzling. I am talking 5 to 10 feet away. It was an open top Jeep by the way.

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