• Everything. Facebook is stupid.
    • Jewels Vern
      You noticed that too? Mental Floss is advertising on Facebook. Yahoo is advertising on Facebook. Even a three-wheeled motorcycle advertises on Facebook. (All the disadvantages of a motorcycle plus all the disadvantages of a car.)
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Hey! I'm thinking about a trike! Not only the advertisers, but that fact that now most people can't communicate without social media apps like Facebook. I'm constantly on my daughter about this crap. Kids are loosing their interpersonal communication skills because they're used to looking at a screen and typing and not looking people in the eye and using non-verbal skills. Sad that talking is becoming a dying art.
    • OC Joe
      No offense my friend but you post a lot of stuff for someone who hates social media...?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I post on a Q&A site. Not Facebook. Facebook has turned in to a place for people to put their whole lives out there for everyone to see. That's not good. Especially when companies like Facebook, take all that data and sell it. And then of course you have the problem of them limited what people can see because it doesn't fit their own narrative.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I like the idea of having discussions over different topics here, not showing you pictures of my kids or mindless political memes. At least here, we can discuss a range of issues (although it doesn't happen that much anymore)
  • anything that shouldnt be everyone's business
  • Pictures of Ice Man and me on holiday in Thailand last June, hanging out with the "ladies".
  • Hate speech/imagery of any kind,
  • Lilo's "Bear skin rug" pictures ...
    • Lilo Avli
      Hey !! What's wrong with those ?
    • Ice man
      Nobody wants to see pics of a baby wearing a beard. Or a bread either, for that matter ...
    • Lilo Avli
      What about the billion paedo bakers out there ?
    • Ice man
      They're only half baked..
    • Lilo Avli
      What about the other half ?
    • Ice man
      They look more like dough balls. lol
  • Politica correctness above all - 1st. Place for idiots!
  • Anything you would not tell strangers.
  • Why are you on here? Since they also promote conversation as well as questions wouldn't this be considered social media?
    • Linda Joy
      I like this site. I like social media. Why are you on here? By the way you didn't answer the question.
    • Mircat
      I answered it the way i felt it should be answered.
  • Nothing. Suppressing free speech of ANY kind is wrong. If you get butt-hurt from Facebook or questions in here, I would strongly suggest avoiding both places. One of the most idiotic words in the English language when it is used on social media sites (including Q&A) is "Reported". Someone says something you don't like and you want to have them arrested. That's as stupid as not liking baked potatoes and then going to a restaurant only to see them on the menu - then calling the FBI and the health inspector to have the place closed down. My God, if you don't like something just stay away from it!!!
    • Linda Joy
      I was thinking more along the lines of complaining about a spouse or boss
  • Scams, spams, racism, images of nudity, hate speech, threats and bullying should not be on social media. All those things I mentioned should not be allowed on the internet
  • Mother's maiden name, name of first pet, national insurance number and probably the thought you just had but haven't properly analysed yet.

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