• Probably the same company that photo-shopped out Trump on another kid's shirt. They're trying to tell you what you should look like and think.
    • Linda Joy
      I hadn't heard about that one! Another woman commented that they photoshopped out her little girls mole on her face and the girl was upset she said that's part of who I am!
    • Archie Bunker
      None of this is suprising anymore.
  • maybe he shouldve gotten permission
  • Was it a gold tooth?
    • Linda Joy
      I think they just photoshopped in the teeth they had the year before if I remember correctly.
  • That's completely inappropriate to do without permission. With that being said it is a non-issue because there would be no reason not to keep a copy of the original photo which should be available.
    • Linda Joy
      And its not like they can't get another picture with the teeth missing, Its just the assumption that that shouldn't be in the yearbook is crazy. Half the kids in the same class should be missing teeth! Its a cute stage, I think!

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