• Hyrdocortisone 1% cream does wonders, but you'll have to leave it alone for a few days, the more you itch, the more histamines are realeased, and consequently, the more it will itch.
  • I don't know if you have it, but if this was me I would snap the top off an aloe vera stalk and rub the bite with the cut end.
  • toothpaste might help to dry it out quicker... itching it is just a bad idea though...
  • Rubbing alcohol works wonders!!!
  • I am a mosquito magnet, and react with huge welts when I get bitten -- so I completely sympathize with your plight. My recourse of last resort (i.e. when I just want to remove the body part to make the itching stop) is to put ice on it. The cold blunts the itch sensation, as well as numbing the area for a while. It also reduces the swelling and inflamation a bit, which makes the itch not as bad when the numb wears off. It's a short term solution -- but it keeps me from going over the edge when I'm desperate.
  • Try some rubbing alcohol- just wet a paper towel and wipe gently over the area. If you have broken the skin already, this will sting. Apply some Caladryl. It is pink calamine lotion with benadryl and I think some Hydrocortizone.
  • I am very allergic to mosquitoes, and none of the normally-effective above at-home treatments will work for me. I use a topical Benedryl solution. It's a liquid Benedryl designed specifically for allergic reactions like mosquito bites, not to be taken internally.
  • I'm terribly allergic to mosquito bites. If I get one on my finger, I can't even move it because it's so swollen. I'm serious. I have Hyrdocortisone and Benedryl but those don't seem to work so great for me. For the itching I use Itch-X and also AfterBite. I think those work for me.
  • I don't think it is a Mosquito bite - they do not typically last that long. It could be a CHIGGER - which in this case there is not much you can do but wait and don't scratch it. That could lead to infection.
  • Asian tiger mosquitoes seem to have a more intense venom in their bites; I have been the victim of these nasty little ladies, and the only relief I found for me is to take a cup of hot water and a teaspoon, dip the spoon in the water and apply the hot spoon gently to the bite. The hotter you can stand it, the better. There is some research behind this that suggests that the substance that causes the itch is neutralized by the heat. After the bite is treated and the itch seems to subside (it might take two or three applications), apply some benadryl or other anti-itch substance. My favorite is jewelweed salve, though it is hard to find. Above all, resist the temptation to scratch!!
  • Ammonia works for mosquito bites and bee stings
  • are you sure its not some bedbug doing it, they can make you itch really bad, ask your doctor to look at it

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