• Well because we are under the sun there's a new day everyday and every minute is an opportunity to change the direction of your life.
    • Anoname
      Amazing how that balloon never lands. Thanks for staying upbeat.
    • Linda Joy
      I have to work at it. But trying to help you is a worthy goal.
  • cause it helps to try
  • That would be your opinion or assumption. The majority of the world does not view life that way. They all have a positvie point of view and hope.
  • because there is still hope in you that’s why you keep on trying.
  • Because the alternative is giving up. Where there's life there's hope. Remember when Pandora in Greek myth let all the evils escape from the box only hope was left inside. That is because we need hope to go on.
  • You're a pessimist to think that everything under the sun is meaningless.
  • Most people don't try their best every day. Only about 1 in 5 people make sufficient effort to carry the other four through life.
  • You are right, in some ways, because no matter what you do on this earth, no matter what anyone does, it will all end in zero when the world ends, it has no meaning. And if you believe you are merely made up of chemical reactions and neurons, then you are pre-determined anyway, so no free will. However, if you believe in Jesus Christ, then you understand that this life is about perseverance, which leads to character and hope, and as a follower of Christ, you may die to your old life and be born again, not by natural descent (through the earthly Adam) but as a son of God, not by flesh but by spirit, and so rise with Christ so you may once again be in union with the Father, and not parted through death and sin. Sin and death came through one man, and so all men sinned, but God's gift means that through grace, and his Son Jesus Christ (the spiritual Adam) we may be justified and granted righteousness and eternal life, and reconciled to the Father.
  • Don't be such a depressive maniac. Everything under the sun is not "meaningless," simply because you are too blinkered/ignorant to know what everything is about, does not devalue or change it's meaning for others. Also, nearly everything is new - even you, Every cell in you body has been replaced at least once every three years you are alive. You are therefore not the exact same person you were yesterday.
  • Jesus was the new thing under the sun....and Ecclesiastes himself does not agree. Though he reports that he bothered quite a bit to produce that book of Bible. The best book I've ever found for understanding that book is

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