• I didn't know that, nor do I care.
    • Linda Joy
  • I thought he was good comedy (what I saw of him)(I didn't watch his pugilist displays) ..but there are clips of him elated at how he "shook up the world!" and doing poetry and appearing on shows. Oh and the clips of him and Howard Cosell (whose voice is funny even if he says nothing of interest at all) But why does Tony Randall come to mind too? Well, it's all comedy to me. ........ As to him being retarded, not too want to be a boxer isn't exactly an intellectual leaning, and then he took all that pummeling to his brain. (I did hear this messed him up awfully, later in life. -But he joined the army back when he was "Cascious Clay" didn't he? Early 60's? Yikes.) .... Well. There's actually a surprising # of retarded people. ..even at the top (George Bush Jr, Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin). In fact, in the United States, out of 330 million people, 6.4 million have IQ's in the retarded range. However, only 170.00 of those are severe enough to require institutionalization, so the remaining 6.23 million are all free to drive, vote, cause things to become popular with their choices (does this explains a few things?). Also consider that if you make a graph of the population's IQ's, you end up with a bell curve..."average" being in the middle, at the peak of that curve (average is only 100). And as the curve falls away to the left, these are people below 100, and to the right those above it. Scrutiny of this situation reveals that most people....are not especially smart. *shaking head* I find this disappointing, because I don't fit in at the middle of that graph, and I've always wanted more peers, even a majority among the population would make me feel i fit and have support...but..uh uh. It's ok though, the more I age, the more befuddled and 'tired-minded' I become. And of course there was all that partying earlier in life. And the car exhaust, from that year I thought I was a dog, and..oh but we won't talk about that *blink* ..Anyway I'm pretty sure the journey from 18 to 58 has removed tens of points from my score. Soon I may even be able to consider Sarah Palin a smart lady who should be president *tries to make the dopey redneck sound* ..Nope. Still too many points. Another year or two though, I'll get there! It's my goal O_o (To fit in. To for once NOT be tragically disappointed at everyone else's (parroted!) thoughts. To be able, in a conversation, to go, "Yea!!" (and make the monkey noise, and some fist pumps) and have this pass as a "good answer", from a likeable guy, among my fellow primates. *blink* Oh yea.
  • They may have come to that conclusion at that time, but it is now claimed that Ali had dyslexia, which led to him being illiterate.
    • Linda Joy
      Dyslexia and illiteracy could also affect an IQ test. I was more concerned that they were letting people who were retarded go to war! I would think it would be immoral and inhumane to put them on the battlefield!
  • No and I highly doubt that is correct. As whoever made that assessment should be shot by now for making a wrong assessment of a world champion.
    • Linda Joy
      He's been quoted as saying "I said I was the best not the smartest!" Google it if you don't believe me. And it was the Army that tested him. Go ahead! Start shooting! I dare you! lol
  • He probably came up with that excuse on his own when he refused to be drafted.
    • Linda Joy
      It was on his entrance exams he was listed as a category four only to be used in cases of dire emergency.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      He was classed as 1-A, so he was eligible for the draft. That's when he claimed he was a conscientious objector.
  • no, i didnt know that
  • no but now i do

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