• I like squirrels. And chipmunks. There was always so many of them around. I moved to the city a few years back, and saw someone had flattened one with his car. It was just on the street, and the other squirrels seemed to be upset about it. So I got a shovel and buried it under a tree, so at least it wouldn't have to be in the road, baking and getting run over repeatedly. But apparently I was thinking like a human, not a squirrel (how do they think?) Well I wouldn't know, but they sure were pissed at me! What a lot of squalking they did over my moving that body. Yikes. And..they dug it up and moved it!
    • Linda Joy
      Yikes indeed! I forgot about the Chipmunks! They're even cuter than squirrels with their little racing stripes.
  • 5-13-2017 Well, I like to get a little tail now and then.
  • Wabbits with that little "bunny tail"
  • I think your right, the Arctic Fox has a beautiful tail little less colorful in summer however in the winter look at that tail
  • As long as they're not in my yard.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah that wouldn't work well with your pecan trees would it?
    • Anoname
      I think that's why they're always there.
    • Linda Joy
      I wouldn't mind spending a couple of hours under your trees Gathering nuts.
  • 6-29-2017 Linda! You've changed your hair!
    • Linda Joy
      Lol! I tried putting my baby picture on here like you did but it was all blurry this one I have on now is the ship that I served on for over a year
  • Squirrels and rats I guess the squirrel wins that contest. However the cutest tails I see around is those cute bubble butts on girls!
    • Linda Joy
      Just don't get pervy with it!
    • Thinker
      I don't I just like to watch girls walk away from me in general all of you walk differently. Your hips move differently one woman from another.
    • KfX
      Very true, Thinker. Very true
  • 9-12-2017 What a remarkable question. Did you ever hear the name Kardashian?
  • it might
  • i think so
  • Cute tails are wonderful on women, so why not the same for squirrels. Though I won't go there.
  • I like the tail of ring tailed lemurs. It so long they can wrap it around themselves to keeps them warm. and the stripes are so cool. at one zoo, they shaved their tails at certain intervals to tell them apart. not cool!
  • On a woman, yes it can! It sure doesn't hurt her to have a nice one!

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