• Your penis betrayed you, Son. Made you think stupid. It won't be the last time that happens.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      When Bill Clinton got elected, for some inexplicable reason I found it interesting to ponder that daughter Chelsea was learning to masturbate IN THE WHITE HOUSE. So I drew a cartoon of this, at the time, in which she brags of what she's doing, and then father Bill says *in that accent* "Yea. Me too!" (And then Hillary whacks him (but not in a good way), because of course it'd just been made oh so public he'd cheated on her A LOT, but she had to stick by him and smile (and bake cookies)("Well heck.") ...Good times. Good times.
    • beaker95
      Why did she have to stick by him? And smile?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Well, it's like how the Queen wouldn't be allowed to behave in certain ways other humans can. Before Donald - the evil incarnate, and his retarded followers (not that I disapprove or anything! *whistles*) - no First lady would EVER have even dreamed of it being an option to leave a sitting president in any type of divorce or separation, or to even have it publicly visible that they're having problems. It just isn't done. (In fact, for him to get elected those two had to satisfy us, in interviews, that everything was harmonious or at least graciously stable between them (or else he'd have lost). And this was when that famous scene happened, where Hillary was asked about it, and she said "well it isn't like I'm gonna stay home and bake cookies all day, if that's what you mean. And if you don't like it, well heck, DON'T VOTE FOR HIM!" (which people responded very favorably to, and voted him in). She had given the right answer. She stood her ground, and we liked it. ...Anyway, we've never hired a single guy as president. And the first lady we require a president to provide has duties!! She cant just go "Oh I dont want to live in the White House like asshole Trump's bimbo. Yikes. (I'm very angry he got "put in". We didn't pick him! Although those who did actually cast votes for him tended to be the mentally challenged in the country, and so they still haven't noticed what a terrible mistake they made. (But again..he wasn't voted in. The FBI director pulled a dirty trick.) And I try to keep an ear out for disaster, but I don't pay attention to news, so I dont even know if his "wife" actually lives with him or not. (Kellyann is rumored to be Trump's bit of tale, I read, cant trust news anymore, so I don't know. He could be screwing the presidential dog for all I know (All presidents have a dog. Tradition. It makes him seem "American" (ie, wholesome.... mom and apple pie and the flag and all that)(and the dog) (Woof) (that's the sound he makes when he sees Donald coming.... "here doggy!" *dog panics* *eyes bulging* *Donald bulging* *dog races underneath oak desk used by George Washington, has a little accident* *Donald smells this and gets even moire excited* Oh you naughty girl! You KNOW what Daddy likes!!" (And from there it gets too weird to be typed)(but just imagine a lot of yowling, and secret service men being angrily told to "get lost", and Donald groaning "oh baby! oh baby!".. and then some puppies with suspiciously familiar faces..

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