• You mean like this ?.....
    • Linda Joy
      Dang! I cant watch videos on this phone. It's talking forever just to load a page!
    • Ice man
      Oops, sorry about that. I didn't know you were using a phone. Next time I won't post a video. Sorry : (
    • Linda Joy
      Do post them! Someone else might want to look at it and I might, on occasion, be able to use a computer somewhere. Just didn't want to appear rude by not responding.
  • I'm sure I have but can't recall any example right now.
    • Anoname
      Wait - would a transvestite hooker count?(kidding)
    • Linda Joy
      I think that would qualify! I grabbed my cumin instead of cinnamon the other day. SOOO not the same!
    • mushroom
      There's something wrong with either your cumin or your cinnamon if they LOOK similar. If they also SMELL similar, dump them both.
  • probably but i cant rennennber exactly what it is now
  • Nope. But my friend once confused a human tank of a women for his girlfriend. She was wearing a similar color dress but he was drunk as a republican at the time. We just stood by and laughed it off as did his girlfriend.
  • Confusing a hot wire with neutral can be very shocking indeed.
  • Not as badly as did the fellow in the song "Lola"...
  • I once made frozen egg rolls for dinner but it turned out they were chocolate filled pastries.
  • I've tried turning over the TV with the cordless phone & tried to answer the TV remote. I don't keep them next to each other anymore.

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