• You better decide whether you want to do most of your riding off road or on road. They are more of a dirt bike for off road use. So long as the bike meets legal lighting requirements you can ride on the street, but they aren't very comfortable if you want to go any distance. They usually have knobby tires which are great in dirt & mud, but not so great on the street. Street bikes are not designed for off road, but are heavier and a lot more comfortable. Street tires will serve you much better in town and on the highway, rain or shine. So think long and hard on which route you want to go. There is no best of both worlds bike, and at your age, are you sure you'd want to beat yourself up on a dirt bike ? Or would you rather go for a comfortable ride through the countryside ?
  • As long as it's not over powered, its more fun to ride a slow bike fast than it is to ride a fast bike slow. Dual sport is also more versatile, obviously

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