• Oh you wouldn't want to do that. We wore scratchy smelly early polyester pants, shirts with embarrassing paisley patterns and wide collars, huge ties, huge sunglasses..platform disco shoes...think Elton John meets Larry from Threes Company at a party with men wearing velvet jumpsuits, acting suave and combing their hair and checking their breath a lot. "Hey baby. Come check out my Cordoba! "
  • Halter tops and hot pants or bell bottom bluejeans. Hipsters/low riders were in. The zippers were about 3 or 4 inches tall! Platform shoes long hair belly chains
  • Buy some clothes that were made in the late 70s and early 80s, and put them on.
  • "Shiny shirts" I particularly liked the one that had little figures climbing up a cliff. Platform shoes (which I didn't need as i was and am 6' ) Flared paints (bell bottoms were a bit much, more popular in the 60's) Hair parted in the middle. (when I had hair up there) Cargo shirts with lots of little pockets. Suede shoes & suede Puma sneakers. Some buddies had big funky big rimmed velvety hats. (Mostly remembering high school class of 78)
    • Linda Joy
      I was just a year behind you, but I was and still am a shortie.
  • Do you still have any clothes that old?
    • Linda Joy
      Not me. I've lost everything several times over since then

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