• Around the same time as shoulder pads, skinny ties and white "moon boots."
  • not sure if it will
  • I thought it did already.
    • Imran Awan
      This is very old hair style and I think, it will not come back again. You can see latest hair styles from here
  • I want a permed mullet again. That was awesome.
  • Some guys still like to look like the Beatles and use that style. Like Moe in the 3 stooges with his hair cut under a bowl.
    • Archie Bunker
      But Moe was funny, so that made up for the goofy haircut. The same with Larry.
    • Rick Myres
      Yep you are 100% right on that.
  • You think the 80's were big hair days, check out the late 50's early 60's Bouffant hairstyles: My two oldest sisters would use a special comb to tease out their hair back then
    • Ice man
      I remember those hairstyles. I'm not sure, but... I might have dated one of your sisters. : )
  • Invent the time machine and go back. Please don't ask about disco
    • Ice man
      I'll second that sentiment ! : )

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