• I haven't found one either.
  • Short answer: no. Not currently, at least (being hopeful there is more to come). It lacks a lot of amenities. If they can't tweak it into shape themselves, they really oughta' pay someone to, because there doesnt seem to be a whole lot of members at the moment and it would help if when people go to a site with the usual expectations and needs, they found it fully equipped. ((I'm talking: ABILITY TO: message other users; search; use bb/code; have a signature; make more use of one's profile page; see the question & its details more clearly; scroll ALL the way back in a thread (AND go beyond 100 answers); see a date on all posts....and with more consideration, I could name several more things (like a message crawl could be put at the top...for site announcements)(and a chat box could be added to the bottom of the home page)(also Mr Pants could be given a million.. *HOOK* "aaaargh!"

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