• On the surface like most people think he was a good president. If, however, you research his work in the back ground while president you will soon find many of the things he did were leading toward the One World Government just as those before and after him.
    • Thinker
      A bit of trivia: Reagan was the only president to have worn a Nazi Uniform.
  • He was a good contortionist....
  • I don't remember him very well. Just the sound bites like "Tear down this wall."
  • I thought he was one of our greatest.
  • He was the beginning of the end.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I actually wrote a nice little history lesson for ya, because I was there, and to know about Reagan is to know what led to today. But my cat stood on my keyboard and it vanished. Ah well. Reagan started all the lying and brainwashing and over-spending that led to that party having total control now. God help us. Americans are too stupid to say no to being robbed and tricked by mean people with evil designs. (I could be nice, and instead of saying "stupid", say that they're ignorant and willing to parrot nonsense to PRETEND they know stuff. And that would be quite true. It's what supports a party that fleeces us. (Although it's also true that the FBI director pulled a dirty trick which cost Hillary the election and put Trump and all those republicans in recently. So we must also cite corruption as causing our predicament. Me, I'm just waiting for the giant Trump faces to start going up on sides of buildings, and for the new law that says opposing him is punishable by death and internment. But....Mr Pants watched a Hitler documentary recently so it MIGHT be affecting my perception.... or was that a Donald Trump documentary? No, Reagan!! Okay I don't know. They all seem the same to me. Let's play marbles. We'll use yours. I seem to have lost mine. (Perhaps the cat stood on those too). :|
    • beaker95
      Why did your cat vanish after standing on the keyboard....?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      lol, time portal. (I probably should keep it a little further away from where the cat walks. It's ok, when we get to next week, there he'll be standing on my keys still, purring and talking about killing the...oh, no NOT talking about things I must do. Yea, that's what I meant to say. *shifty look again* *waves watch at you* "You didn't read any of this. You were in the kitchen the whole time, looking in compartments for fruit.."
    • beaker95
      Trying to find your stash of pills and black and white photos.....
  • I thought at best he was the homeopathic remedy for the foolish notion that trickle down economics benefits all. Well, looks like we needed stronger medicine.
  • He was amazing, he did so much for this country! :)
  • He was an unfeeling, cruel president to low income people who are depending on social programs such as social security, medicaid, medicare. He slashed those programs rather deeply. He eliminated welfare able-bodied people too.
    • Linda Joy
      Able bodied people need to work! Working gives people a sense of pride and allows them to contribute to society and not just steal from taxpayers like little bloodsucking leaches. Giving people a handout instead of a job just keeps them dependent on the scraps others throw them! It keeps them down instead of encouraging them to be independent and productive. I think everyone can do something. They need to focus the money on training people to work! Nobody owes anyone a living. Even The Bible says 6 days shalt thou labor. And man shall eat by the sweat of his brow. How can you have any pride in what you do if all you do is live off the work of others? That's stealing!
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      @Linda Joy: In order for people to have jobs, jobs have to be available first.
    • Linda Joy
      Tell that to Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Bernard Arnault, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or even Jessica Alba for that matter!
    • Chicagoan
      Why don't YOU tell them, Linda - it was your overwritten, boring monologue demanding that everyone work!
  • He was an actor. Isn't that all you need to be a politician?
  • If homelessness, deficit spending, secret wars in Central America, exchanging arms for hostages, lying to Congress about the deal, lying to the American People about eliminating waste, fraud and abuse, and forcing Larry Flynt to put pastie-dots on his models, makes a good president then yes, he was a MIRACLE!😇
    • Chicagoan
      Agreed. He was probably one of the worst post-WWII presidents we've had. He wont' be as bad as Orange Don, but then again, his las 2-3 years, Reagan's Alzheimer's was his excuse.
  • I think so. Not a GREAT President, but (IMO) he was fairly effective. The Iran-Contra thing stands out as one of the major reasons why he was NOT a great President.
  • He got the country back on its feet after the Carter mess. The liberals absolutely hated the stark contrast between the two ideologies. Reagan's way of doing things worked. Their movement was an obvious faceplant.
    • Chicagoan
      Can always count on you to feed lies to this site. Thankfully, only about 17 people post here.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      You can thank Carter for your free long-distance. He forgave the Vietnam Draft dodgers, and made post offices accessible to people in wheelchairs but his family was crazy and a little crooked, which didn't help him any. lol
  • He was a pretty good front man. Other people did the real work of his administration, which was reasonably effective, though like most, it had its problems. And it laid the groundwork for a variety of major economic problems that we are experiencing today, though few people realized or predicted this at the time.
  • He was pretty good.

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